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Our Story

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How Food Banks for Pets came about is an example of the butterfly effect. A combination of simple, seemingly unrelated, fortuitous events that combine to bring to pass a significant milestone.

Two random individuals have a chance meeting at the Granville Country Store in Granville, MA. While one is having lunch, the other stops in for some of the store’s famous cheddar cheese.  They begin a conversation and realize they have much in common. This leads to a deep and lasting friendship. Through this friendship, they learn about each other's lives, interests, and accomplishments. They also introduce each other to their friends and colleagues, which in turn leads to more connections and friendships.


One of our friends learns that the other created a cartoon character named Snogg the Dog over twenty years earlier. The friend realizes that Snogg would be a great mascot for another friend's pet food pantry. So, the creator of Snogg the Dog is introduced to the director of the food pantry, thus creating another fortuitous connection.


The creator of Snogg and the director of the food bank talk about using Snogg as a mascot for the pet food pantry and about food banks and pet food pantries in general. They then realize how few food banks and pantries have pet food programs. This led to the realization that there is a vast, unmet need to help hungry pets in times of need.


As the creator of Snogg thought about this problem, many ideas as to how to deal with it came to mind. All these ideas had their pros and cons, but none seemed to have the potential to make a significant impact on the problem. Then one day the inspiration for Food Banks for Pets, and its unique operating model, came to him.


He began to contact his friends, relatives, and colleagues, and the enthusiasm for the idea began to spread. Through the various connections that had been made, a team was assembled that would become the board of directors. Discussions were had, brainstorming sessions were held, and what was to become Food Banks for Pets began to take shape.


After much hard work on the part of the team, all the necessary paperwork was compiled and filed, fees were paid, a website was built, curriculums were written, and fundraising materials were created. The team then waited in restless anticipation as the slow gears of the IRS turned. Then finally it happened, 501(c)(3) status was obtained, and Food Banks for Pets had become a reality.


The rest is history.


And all for the want of cheese.

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