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Torrington Christmas and Holiday Festival 2023

Food Banks for Pets had a last-minute opportunity to attend the Torrington Christmas and Holiday Festival this past Saturday, the 4th. It was a great event with lots of vendors and attendance. As usual, Jett stole the show and really drew in the crowd. We raised $325 for the cause and made a lot of great contacts. A great day was had by all.   

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Lime Rock Park MiataCon 10/27,28/23

Food Banks for Pets was invited to join in on the first MiataCon at historic Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT, this weekend. There was every kind of Miata you could imagine: old, new, street cars, race cars, and everything in between. As usual, Jett, our four-legged ambassador, stole the show. She greeted people, made friends, and gave out lots of kisses and free fur. We raised $325 for the cause and made a lot of great contacts. Several race teams said they would be interested in adding a Food Banks for Pets decal to their race cars. We had beautiful weather, and there was a large crowd in attendance. Also, the management of Lime Rock wants to work with us to do a fundraiser. We don’t know when or what form it will take, but the offer alone is fantastic. We are very excited about this and will keep you posted as the plan develops. Thank you to Lime Rock for hosting the event and to everyone who made the event a great one.

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The Granville Harvest Fair 10/7, 8, 9/23

Well, the Granville Harvest Fair 2023 has come and gone. Other than a wet Saturday, it was a great weekend. There was a noticeable increase in the number of vendors, and Sunday and Monday were packed. Jett, our four-legged ambassador, did a great job as usual. She greeted everyone, gave out lots of kisses (and free fur), and made a lot of new friends, both two and four-legged. We collected $667 in donations and as always, made a lot of great connections. Definitely looking forward to next year. Stay tuned for photos!

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Walmart Food Drive, Torrington CT  09/02/23

We had a food drive and fundraiser in partnership with the CT State Police at the Torrington CT Walmart, and it was a great success. We collected somewhere around eight hundred pounds of food and supplies and $1109 in donations. The support and generosity of the public was amazing and heartwarming. People do care. The food was divided between seven shelters, food pantries, and communities around northwest CT. The cash donations will go to support the work of Food Banks for Pets. The State Police brought their comfort dogs and were represented by several troopers and two cadets. The management and staff of Walmart were very helpful and supportive. All in all, it was a great day for everyone.

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New Marlborough MA Village Fair 8/19/23

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We were invited to the New Marlborough, MA, village fair and it was a lot of fun. Jett, our mascot received a lot of attention as usual and made some new friends as well. There was even a pet parade. We collected about $130 in donations and made a lot of great contacts for future projects. Definitely a good day spent networking and we hope to go back next year..

Tractor Supply Southwick MA. July 30 2023.


We held a food drive and fundraiser at the Tractor Supply in Southwick MA. to help support the Southwick animal shelter. We met all kinds of dogs and got twelve pooches for the pet of the week. Want to give a big thank you to the management and staff of the Southwick Tractor Supply for their support.

Harwinton CT Lions Club Car Show July 23, 2023.


The Harwinton Lions Club was kind enough to invite us to their annual car show for sight. Here we are setting up with our partner Ride-CT, and we were joined later by our other partner Trinity Solar. The show was a great success for both the Lions Club and ourselves. We are planning on being back next year.

The Granville Harvest Fair, Granville MA, Columbus day weekend, 8, 9, and 10 October 2022.


We were lucky enough to find out just the day before that there were a few spots left on the town green for the fair. We ended up with a prime location and had continuous traffic for all three days. The weather was amazing and the turnout was one of the best on record. There were lots of dogs walking their humans and a wide variety of vendors and food. Jett, the wonder dog was on hand as our ambassador and was busy all day giving hugs and kisses. We collected $850 in donations and made several excellent connections for future collaborations. It was a fantastic weekend.

Pet Food Drive and Fundraiser, Oct 1, 2022, 8 to 5.
Tractor Supply, 1160 New Haven Rd, Naugatuck CT,


The weather was not the best but the rain stopped early and it was just cold and windy the remainder of the day. There were a lot of dog visits and their humans were very interested in our work. We collected a small amount of food for the local shelters and had a modest amount of donations. All in all another good event, especially considering the weather.

Awareness and Fundraiser, Sept 29, 2022, 4 to 8 pm
Norbrook Brewery, 204 Stillman Hill Rd., Colebrook, CT


Had a great time at the Norbrook brewery and car show. Didn't have a lot of donations but it was really good for getting the word out about our mission. Jett was on hand for doggy snuggles and kisses which was a big hit as usual. All in all a great afternoon and evening.

Inaugural Pet Food Drive and Fundraiser Walmart, Torrington CT, Sept 17, 2022

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No, the state police were not there to arrest us :-) This was our very first event and wow, what a success. We had the pleasure of partnering with the CT State Police from troop L and Walmart for a pet food drive and fundraiser. The event was held at the Walmart in Torrington CT on Sept 17th, 2022. The outcome was nothing short of amazing. In about five hours we collected over 1000 pounds of pet food and supplies and $825 in cash donations. The food and supplies we distributed to local shelters and food pantries and the cash donations will go to further the work of Food Banks for Pets.

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