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Hello, thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in learning more about Food Banks for Pets. I am Richard Williams, the Executive Director; allow me to tell you about our Vision, Mission, and Goal and why there is such a need for what we do.

Our Vision is a nation where no animal goes hungry, is abandoned, or is surrendered to a shelter for the lack of food.

Our Mission is to assist food banks and food pantries in establishing sustainable pet food programs. Starting locally and expanding nationally. 

Our Goal is to keep pets in their homes, off the streets, and out of shelters.

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The Need

Some are surrendered to shelters to face an uncertain future.


Some die from exposure or injuries or are killed by predators.


Many cower in fear, not understanding why the humans they loved so unconditionally abandoned them.


Some starve.

Every year thousands of animals lose their homes because their owners cannot afford to feed them.


Some are abandoned, dumped somewhere to fend for themselves.

Some are abandoned, dumped somewhere to fend for themselves.

But all this can change, and you can be part of the driving force that makes it happen!

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